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Monday, 20 September 2010 17:20

EFDOWelcome to the official website of EFDO, the European Federation for dancesport organizations.

If you have any questions/remarks about this website, please contact us.

EFDO is in an international non-profit organisation, concerning dancesports in a competition context. The organisation has got several national federations as members.
The aim of the organisation is to make sure that all members cooperate well, and to maintain the competition as fair as possible.  Due to the international strength of EFDO, it is made possible to reach higher levels of press agents and to get public recognitions as a fact.The members of EFDO and the presidium board can be found under the appropriate webpages in the section "information". For more information, don't hesitate to contact us.  Our coordinates are shown in the "contact"section.

Enjoy your stay at this website and make sure to visit one of the events organised in the member-countries.


Click here for a video of the Europeran Masterhip 2012-2013



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Tuesday, 21 September 2010 06:19

European Masterschips 2014 : Website: www.eurodance2014.at

Registration Eurodance 2014

 List Junior European Masterships 2014

 List Youth European Masterships 2014

 List Masters European Masterships 2014

 List of Partipants 



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Tuesday, 21 September 2010 06:13

To be able to participate in Europacup Tournaments, the participant needs to visit 2 different countries (the 3 best results are taken in to account).
All submissions between October 15 2013 (08h00) and October 20 2013 (24h00) have to be send by e-mail to the EFDO administration

EC tournaments: the drawing date determines the payment of the starting fees; after the drawing/closing date, the starting fee – even though a dance is replaced or not -, must always be paid.

The submission form can be downloaded here.



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